Monday, August 24, 2009

Food Poisoning Stinks!
I was poisoned!!! At least I think so.

On Saturday morning I woke up around 6:30am, ran my usual 3 miles, and then ate a bowl of cereal. After Kev and Anslie woke up and ate their breakfast (sausage and eggs) we did a few chores around the house and then ran a few errands. We were all feeling great!

We stopped at a local cafe for lunch around 11am. We all had variations of the same meal - sandwiches and wraps, turkey, chicken, avocado, mayo, cheese, etc, etc, etc. But by 1pm, I was the only one with a stomach ache. I didn't think anything of it at first. It happens sometimes, things just don't sit right, it runs through your system and you move on with your life. Our ward pool party and BBQ was that night and we were all looking forward to it, but as 6pm rolled around it became increasingly clear that I was not okay. After a few trips to the bathroom I was starting to feel worse and worse.

I tried to suck it up, I really did! I wanted Kevin and Anslie to have the chance to socialize (especially Kevin) so we started out the door...but then I got really sick. I wasn't sure which end it was going to come out of so I ran back inside. And threw up. Okay, something was definitely wrong here. I felt much better after this release so we hopped in the car and went to the party.

Unfortunately for me, the food being served (there was nothing wrong with it) smelled so gross to me and I knew I was going to be sick again. So I left Kev and Anslie at the party and went home to suffer in silence. Well, not complete silence because there were sounds of wretching and groaning echoing throughout the house. I had a slight fever, only 100.4, for a couple hours, my face was pale as a ghost, and I had the chills soooo bad you would have thought it was negative 40 in our house! I stayed in bed when I wasn't using the bathroom and by 10 pm I was settled enough to fall asleep.

I stayed home from church on Sunday just to make sure I was okay and so that if I had a virus I didn't spread it around, even though I felt much better. Weak, tired, in pain, but not sick to my stomach. It had to be food poisoning!

I feel fine this morning. I have never heard of the flu running it's course in 12 hours before. I thought and thought about what could have made me sick and the only thing that came to mind was the alfalfa sprouts on my sandwich because I was the only one who had that. I vaguely remember reading something while I was pregnant about avoiding sprouts because they can harbor salmonella and listeria. So, that's what I am blaming it on. Stinkin' sprouts! And for all you preggos out there - make sure you avoid alfalfa and bean sprouts! Salmonella and Listeria are bad enough for those of us who are not pregnant but for you it can cause death for you and your unborn baby! Just be careful! I wouldn't wish that on anyone!


Raych said...

I hate food poisoning! I get it when I'm pregnant. I never had it until I was pregnant with Emily, and have gotten it at least once with each of the girls. As if being pregnant wasn't enough, huh?? I guess my body doesn't handle toxins very well during pregnancy. I will be careful with my sprout intake next time I'm preggo, too... if there ever is a next time!

Erica said...

i'm glad you're feeling better! that does not sound fun at all :( i bet it was the sprouts cuz i was told to stay away from them too for the same reasons!

The Van Boerum Family said...

That sucks...there is almost nothing worse then food poisoning. Rob and I got it once in the same night after eating the same things at a party before we had kids, let's just say we took turns in the bathroom that awful!!! Glad you are feeling better!

The Daltons said...

That's almost exactly what happened to me when I had food poisioning a while ago. I will definitely make sure to avoid sprouts! I remember reading that about sprouts and thinking, "I've eaten them all my life and never had a problem, why would I now? Besides, I love sprouts!" But now, I'll think I should probably stay away just to be safe. :)