Saturday, September 19, 2009

Anslie's First Shiner

Anslie did NOT want to ride in the cart on our shopping trip to Sam's Club. So badly that she smacked her eye against the handle bar while throwing an epic tantrum in the store. I promise...I don't beat my child! This terrible twos thing is going to be fun.....



Tera said...

Oh poor sweetie! I'd like to say that she's learned her lesson but, well, she's two and she probably didn't put two and two together at what caused the black eye. They call it terrible twos for a reason! Good luck. And by the way, I saw your newest photo shoot pics and they are amazing. The girl is beautiful and you captured her wonderfully. Did she love them?

Tiffany said...

And she still looks cute! I know...I have having the same problem with Braxton. AHH! The only thing that gets us through Costco are the samples.
So yesterday I was watching the Girls Next Store (don't ask)....And one of the girls was in Roswell....And I totally thought of you! I guess there are a lot an aliens there...I had no idea that is what your town was known for!