Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LDW Post #4

Labor Day itself was spent up the the beautiful mountains. It was Lauren's (my niece) birthday so we had a little BBQ and birthday party at one of the camp sights and then headed up the mountain for a hike. It was so gorgeous! After hiking we spent the rest of the day fishing...and we actually caught some fish! Well, Kevin and Tera did. I had about 5 different hits on my line, but nothing would hook. It was Tera's first time catching a fish! The kids all had a great time enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Anslie even patiently spent the entire day in a hiking back pack. That was really nice because then we didn't have to worry about her falling off a cliff or into the lake. All in all it was a wonderful vacation and we had a wonderful time!

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Tera said...

Beautiful pictures of the Lake. Okay, your hair and Anslie's hair matches in the picture towards the bottom where she is in the backpack! Hilarious! And did you notice my stink pot kid gave me bunny ears in the pic where I am posing with my first ever fish? What a butt.