Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Getting Ready for Halloween!

We are really excited for Halloween!

Why is Halloween so great, you ask? Besides it being the day that Kevin and I started dating back in 2001 and the day Kevin proposed to me in 2002, it was also the day my sweet little girl was born in 2007! So, mix all that with the ability to wear crazy costumes and you have one of the best days of the year!

Because Anslie can actully participate in her party this year, we wanted to do something special...and I wanted to tie her costume into her party so that she got more use out of it than just for trick or treating. So, this year Anslie will be Alice from Alice in Wonderland and we will be having a Mad Hatter's Tea Party for her and all of her little friends. Keep an eye out for pictures from her fun party!

Ignore the tears. She was just upset that I made her stand still for these pictures.
Yup, I bribed her with cheetos!
Don't worry...we'll iron her dress before the big day. I just wanted to try it on her before the packaging got thrown away and I couldn't return it if it didn't fit.


Erica said...

how fun! i didn't realize you had your own version of an "annibirthary!" :) so special! i cannot wait to see pics from the party, what a great idea! i cannot believe anslie is going to be 2!

Tera said...

She will make an absolutely perfect Alice. She has got the blonde hair and all! So cute!

The Daltons said...

So cute! She makes a perfect Alice in Wonderland! I can't wait until next Halloween when I have a little one to dress up too. He might just have to get dressed up every weekend or something, just for fun. :) Anyway, I think Anslie looks more like you every day!

Rachelle said...

Absofreakinlutely adorable!