Saturday, June 13, 2009

Feeling Domestic

This is the first time in our life together that Kevin and I have a normal Monday through Friday, (7)am to 5pm schedule. Weekends off. Holidays off. Since I get to stay home with the munchkin, dinner is ready and on the table when Kevin gets home from work. We have a real routine. It's weird, but enjoyable.

Today was our first Saturday living our new life. I thought I would make it special with pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Kevin got to sleep in 3 hours past his normal waking time and Anslie slept until 9:30am. After breakfast, Kevin washed the car and motorcycle while Anslie and I played with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, the next door neighbor's kitten, and the sprinklers.

We bought a $10 kid's sprinkler head from Walmart for Anslie to play in. This is her excitement when she saw it......and this is her running away from it when she realized it squirt cold water at her.She wasn't too pleased with what I had in store for her with the water. Oh well. I guess she will grow into it.
Yup. This is last year's bathing suit. She is 19 months old and still fits into a 0-3 month bikini. After lunch, I put Anslie down for a nap. Then Kevin and I showered and got ready for the day. Kevin fell asleep as I finished getting ready.

I would have taken a picture of Anslie, too, but I didn't dare risk waking her up...
Currently, I am the only person in the house who is awake. Silence. Time for do whatever I want. Blog. Edit pictures. Stare out the windows. Read. Ya. I can get used to this!

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