Saturday, June 27, 2009

I won BEST photo!!!!

I am thrilled to announce that the portrait of my dear hubby, Kevin, won this week's adult photo challenge! How exciting! This made my day -- I Heart! To view the winning image, click on the link above or just scroll down a few posts :)


Tera said...

I've always loved that photo of Kevin. Isn't this the second time in a row you've won the contest? You are an amazing photographer - you have such a great eye. Just imagine in 10 years all of the experience you'llhave. You probably won't even have time to take pictures of your poor little neices and nephews!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations girl! That is so awesome!!!

The Daltons said...

Yeah, go Shillawna! I must admit, that was an awesome picture (not that I'd expect anything less from you)!