Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Hospital Memoirs

Though none of the images below are of a sensitive nature, they do depict some very real and raw emotions that may be uncomfortable for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

It's not really that bad, guys. These are just a few pictures I took while we were incarcerated at Rady Children's Hospital. Kevin and I are both comfortable sharing these because I think it helps us move on from the very visceral experience we had with Anslie's admittance. Take a look if you want to, and if not, that's fine too.

She was so sick. She slept for almost 24 hours straight.
The first three nights we were there, Anslie had to sleep on top of me. Not next to me on the cot, literally on top of me. I can't sleep on my back so she usually ended up straddling me as I lay on my side. Comfy.
The Police Dept. stopped by the first day we were there and handed out stuffed animals.The cribs were like little animal cages. Shocking, but necessary.
Anslie started to feel better once the anti-B's kicked in. She stole my toothbrush and thought she was funny.
Catching some zzzz's with daddy.
Not too happy about what is about to happen...
Getting the IV and vitals really upset her.Sitting in the waiting room getting ready for the endoscopy. Intense!Injecting the anesthesia...The Doc couldn't even finish the sentence "This will go fast, momma," before Anslie was out. This was the most upsetting part of the entire experience, seeing Anslie knocked out on the table like this.Waking up after the endoscopy with the pH probe in.Happy to see mommy and daddy again!
Not so happy that she had to have her blood pressure taken...again. And that she hadn't eaten for 21 hours at this point.
The diagnosis:
We tried to be creative with ways to keep her busy :)Playing on the shared patio with Anslie's medical "twin," Emily. Same condition, same weight, same age, same treatment.
Super happy to have the pH probe, IV, and blood drawing finished. Just had to put the NG tube in (it looks exactly like the pH probe) and feed her for a couple days and we were out. Finally!


Erica said...

goodness shillawna that wore me out just looking at those pics- i know it had to be exhausting for you! when sean was in the hospital for 2.5 days in january it was really hard, i can imagine for over a week like you were. i'm so glad you're home & you're getting to move & go along with all your plans. and i'm super excited your beautiful little anslie is getting better! she's such a doll & a trooper!

Katy said...

I'm so happy that she is doing better. Although those pics are hard to look at, they are a perfect way to capture the emotions of the event. You are an amazing photographer!

The Anglesey Family said...

These pictures are breathtaking! You seriously should go around the hospital and take pictures of the kids there for a living! Those pictures were absolutely stunning!!! And they brought back a lot of memories. Especially the one of you sleeping in that chair. We love you guys and ALREADY miss you!

Ashley and David said...

Okay I cried. I cant say anything else