Sunday, June 7, 2009


Well, we made it to Roswell in one piece! Thanks to Sharon and John McKniff for their generous hospitality in Tucson! It was fun to spend time with them and also have lunch with some old friends from college who live in Tucson as well. (Pics to come once I have my computer set up.)

At this point we are trying to find a place to live. From the list of "available" houses that was 4 pages long, we have found about 2-4 that really are actually available. Depressing. The two houses that we were able to take a tour of today were decked out in 1970's fab wall paper and had furniture to match. Yuck! But, it's only temporary and I'm afraid there isn't much else to choose from right now. We will hopefully get into another couple of houses within the next day or so, so that we at least feel like we have some options to choose from.

On the bright side, we have also been able to tour Roswell extensively as we are driving from home to home and I have to say that (although my expectations were extrememly low or really, non-existent) I'm really impressed with what Roswell has to offer. Although there isn't a Costco, we do have a Sam's Club. There's also a large Target, Walmart, Big Lots, Kmart, Home Depot, JC Penny, Bath and Body Works, etc. Lots and lots of fast food restaurants and several sit-downs, including a Chili's and Applebee's and some other local unknowns. Ruidoso is another city about an hour away up in the mountains and it's absolutely gorgeous and it looks like there are lots of things to do there!

I am feeling optomistic about our sojourn here in NM, but I have to admit I am pretty disappointed with the housing. Hopefully things will start looking up soon, as far as that is concerned. I called both Bishops from the 2 wards out here and left messages, so hopefully they will have some insight as far as housing goes. Wish us luck!


Erica said...

i'm glad you made it there safely! good luck with the housing, i know that can be so frustrating (we lived with dathan's parents for 6 months when we first moved here)

Kimberly Hermansen said...

Hey sorry I didn't get to chat on Saturday, it was a pretty busy day. I'll call you when I'm watching Adam golf one of these days. I'm glad you're liking it there okay. And I would love to see a home decked out in 1970's wallpaper and furniture! That's my favorite style (I'm really not joking here, but we've known I'm crazy for a long time!!)

Tera said...

Here's to hoping you find something soon! And make sure it's big enough that you have room for us to come and visit some time! Ha ha!

Ashley and David said...

I am excited that you are finding optimism in your move. I hope that you find a beautiful home that fits you perfect.