Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Roswell's Cutest Baby

A couple weekends ago, Kevin took his motorcycle to the Harley Davidson dealership where they have a service shop (they service all bikes) to get his 12,000 mile tune-up. He came home with a flyer for a benefit Harley Davidson was hosting which included a "cutest baby contest". We had nothing to do this weekend, so we decided to check it out. We entered our cute girl, Anslie, into the contest, and guess what?! She won! How could she not have?!?!

Anslie picking out her prize
Proud papa and the cutest baby ever!
Kevin and I LOVE Harleys sooooo much. We were thrilled that she picked out a Harley Davidson outfit! (note sarcasm)
Parading her cuteness around the store
We also found these Harley Barbie dolls there. Interesting.....

The whole experience was just exhausting, so I came home and fell asleep on the swing in the backyard. Have I mentioned how much I like having a backyard?Okay, I have a confession to make. Although in my eyes Anslie is the cutest baby not only in Roswell but the entire world, she won the contest by default. She was the only baby who showed up. But we'll take it! Too bad the prize wasn't a million dollars. That would have been awesome!


Catherine said...

There is no dobt that Anslie is a cute baby, competition or not. You have been so good about updating. I can really see now how filled out Anslie is getting. Things must be going good. I hope she learns to like food better. Ashlynn definitely does not have that issue. My little pig, always begging for everyones food ;)

The Van Boerum Family said...

How fun...we all know that Anslie is a total cutie and I LOVE the outfit that she picked out too. She looks like she is gaining weight and I love the pigtails...we miss you!!!

Gigi said...

Of course she won!
Thansk for posting all the fun stuff from you new alien hometown!
Congrats on you and Tera and Rachelle for your runs on the 4th.